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    Server Rules and Guidelines:

    Hacked Clients
    • Using a hacked client of any kind is not allowed.
      • First offense is a 10 day ban, then any offenses after is a permanent ban, which is appealable.

      • Unless the hacker is blatantly hacking (antiKB, Bhop, 8 block reach), A staff member must /freeze and do a thorough SS)

      • Staff member will give alleged hacker 5 minutes to add on discord and they will screenshare there, refusing to SS will result in either 10 day ban or permanent ban depending on how many offenses it is.

      • If the hacker admits to hacking, their first ban will be cut down to 5 days. They must admit BEFORE the ban. A staff member should give the alleged hacker some time to admit before they issue the ban.

      • The first ban is not appealable, but the second ban can be appealed.

    Swearing and Disrespect
    • Swearing and toxicity is allowed but should be kept within reason.
      • If you are being too toxic or mean, a staff member will start by verbally asking you to stop. If you don’t stop, then there will be a 5-10 minute mute (left to the staff members discretion).

      • A staff member shouldn’t mute you for toxicity/toxicity related things if they didn’t give you a verbal warning first.
    • Death threats/telling someone to KYS
      • Telling someone to KYS is mutable for 24 hours.

      • Any death threats are also mutable for 24 hours.

      • If caught doing this the third time, it will become a 7 day ban.

      • There is a difference from death threats about the game and death threats about IRL (if someone says something along the lines of “next time I see you I kill you” or, “You are perm KOS” that is an in game death threat and different from a real one).

      • In game death threats are not mutable or bannable
    Chat spam/caps/advertising
    • Spamming in chat is not allowed
      • Spam is being classified as saying the same message 4 times in a row.

      • If a staff member catches you spamming, there will be a 10 minute mute.

      • Spamming with caps will earn you a 15 minute mute.

      • These same rules apply in your /message.
    • Caps
      • 4 or more words in caps will result in a 5 minute mute.
    • Advertising
      • Advertising on the server/server discord is a permanent ban on both the server and its discord.

      • This is appealable, but it is unlikely that your appeal will be accepted.
    Abusing Glitches and Exploiting Bugs
    • Abusing any glitches or exploiting any bugs is not allowed.
      • If a bug is found, it shall be reported to the staff immediately through /msg or can be privately messaged through discord.

      • If caught abusing a glitch or exploiting a bug, it will result in a permanent ban.

      • This is appealable.
    Scamming/plot griefing
    • Plot griefing is allowed, it is your fault for trusting the person to your plot.

    • Scamming in game is permitted.
      • Scamming anything that involves real currency (agreement: someone will buy you a rank for X amount of in game money, you agree to the deal and pay the in game money, but the person refuses to buy the rank. This is bannable).
    Credit Card chargebacks/refunds
    • If you chargeback or refund your rank, it shall result in a permanent ban from the server and the discord
      • If you want a second chance, talk to an admin/owner through discord and they will decide on what gets done (this doesn’t necessarily mean you will be allowed to play on the server again).
    • Racism and antisemitism is not tolerated in any way.
      • The first time will result in a 24 hour mute.

      • Third time will be discussed among staff.

      • Any other group/ethnic discrimination is not permitted.
    Sharing links and video content
    • The only links that may be sent in chat are the following:
      • Delta prison discord

      • Delta prison store

      • A youtube video dedicated towards delta prison

      • A twitch/stream related platform dedicated towards delta prison

      • If any other link is given it will result in a 12 hour mute

      • By the third time it will be a 3 day ban

      • This rule also applies to discord

    Staff Disrespect
    • Treat staff members like normal players, unless they tell you to stop please stop
      • If you don’t stop, they can mute you or ban you depending on what’s being done..

      • Mute can go from 5-30 min

      • Ban can be up to one day
    Threats against server
    • Threatening to DDOS or harm this server in any way is a perm ban.
      • This is not appealable in any way.
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